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Dolores Athletics & Activities

Dolores HS/MS

Dolores Athletics & Activities

Dolores HS/MS

Team News.

Team News

3 months ago @ 9:32PM

Cedaredge Invitational Information for March 31

The bus will leave at 4:30 a.m. so that we can make it to Cedaredge in time for the 8:00 coaches meeting. Please bring warm clothes, pillows/blankets, sunscreen, water, hats, tons of food, and money for the ride home.  Coach Elder is making homemade cinnamon rolls for the bus ride!  The track is at Cedaredge Middle School and the address is 575 SE Deer Creek Drive, Cedaredge CO 81413



13th Annual Cedaredge Invitational 2018 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

The coaches meeting will be held in the Cedaredge Middle School cafeteria at 8:00 a.m. NOTE: All running events - Girls first then boys
Start time is 9:00

800 Sprint Medley (girls then boys)
4 x 800 Relays
100 High Hurdles
110 High Hurdles
100 meter dash
4 x 200 Relays
1600 meter run
BREAK (amount of time pending)
4 x 100 Relays
400 meter dash
300 meter hurdles
800 meter run
200 meter dash
3200 meter run
Weightperson’s relay – no prize, just bragging rights 4 x 400 Relays

FIELD EVENTS (9 to finals, score 8)

Start time is 9:00

second events will immediately follow the conclusion of the earlier event

Discus- boys then girls
Shot- girls then boys
High Jump- boys then girls Triple Jump- boys then girls (North Pit) Long Jump- girls then boys (South Pit)


Hope to see you there,

Coach Elder

Team News

4 months ago @ 7:33AM by Brooke Elder

March Track Update

Our Dolores Track and Field Season is off to a super start with the biggest team of athletes that we've had in a long time!  We are busy getting into shape, practicing proper technique, and doing some fun team activities to get to know each other.  
(Some student/athletes still need to turn in their green track paper and some of their office paperwork.  I have everything available if needed. Athletes will be reminded.) 
This Week's Track Schedule (March 5-10):
We please need 7 parent volunteers to help run stop watches on Monday during our relay time trials at the Cortez track if anyone is available. Please bring a stopwatch if you have one and let Coach Elder know if you plan on helping.  If you can possibly stop by Dolores to pick athletes up right after school to take to Cortez, that would help with our bus not getting too full (it fits 15).  Having a team too big for our mini-bus is a good problem to have!  
Monday-Practice in Cortez right after school.  Please bring the pink student permission form to be able to drive yourself or anyone else.  Be specific and say who is driving you.  Parents, the athletic director, and your head coach needs to sign this as well.  The mini-bus can drive up to 15 athletes. We will return to our school following practice.  Plan on getting back to DHS at 6:00.  Timed trials to determine relays, long and triple jump, hurdles, throwing, and long-distance will all be focused on this day.
Tuesday-Dolores Practice (Sydney to Cortez possibly ay 5:00 to high jump)
Wednesday-Cortez track (we will start warming up in Dolores right after school, then head to Cortez.)  We will return to DHS by 6:00. Relay exchanges, jumping, throwing, and long distance are our focal points for this day.
Thursday-Dolores Practice (HJ Syd in Cortez at 5:00)
Friday-Pre-Meet Practice in Dolores
Click on the link below to get directions to the meet.
Bus leave time 6 a.m.
Meet Start time 9 a.m.
Athletes bring a lot of healthy food, water, sunscreen, hats, warm clothes, pillows etc.  
Peek to Next Week (March 12-15):
Monday-Thursday-Dolores Practice all week!  No Practice Friday!
Happy Spring Break!  Have fun but please make sure to do your spring break workouts that will be given to you by your specialty coaches while school is out.  We don't want to lose all the ground that we've covered the two weeks before. 
Hope to see you at the meets!
Coach Elder, Coach Erlandson, and Coach Webster
Coach Elder's cell/email

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